High Pressure Water Jetting



Walco Industries Ltd. has the experience of +30 years of water blasting and technology to be proficient in our industry. We are capable of using 10,000 PSI, all the way up to Ultra High Pressure (UHP) 40,000 PSI. We are also proficient in controlling the Gallons Per Min (GPM) from 1 GPM to 100 GPM. This allows us to clean or remove a wide range of products or materials/chemicals, from lead to caustic scale or even demolish items such as concrete, grout and asphalt.

The capabilities Walco Industries Ltd can achieve are listed below.


Hydro-demolition is a concrete removal technique utilizing high-pressure water to remove deteriorated and sound concrete. This process provides an excellent bonding surface for repair material and new coating applications. This technique works on reinforced and non-reinforced concrete structures/surfaces.

Hydro-demolition does not produce vibrations along the reinforcing steel and therefore, does not introduce micro-fractures to the bonding surface. This will increase the life expectancy of the refurbishment, up to 50% better bonding on rough surfaces and cost less in the future for construction.

At Walco Industries Ltd, we are utilizing our technology to complete hydro-demolition work with automated robotics. this increases safety for our workers in the field and production rate. Automation gives the operator the ability to set parameters (cutting, width, speed, jet angle, dimensions, and be able to cut specific detailed areas).

Non-entry Tank Cleaning (Unmanned Methods)

We have multiple tooling for non-entry tank cleaning methods. This allows us to prevent personnel from entering a space which its atmosphere could present harm to the person, such as: (but not limited to)

  • Acids,

  • Caustics,

  • Chemicals,

  • Gasses,

  • Vapors, and

  • Engulfment hazards.

This allows us to clean small, tight tanks / piping to large dimension tanks / piping with relative ease. Our 2-D and 3-D water jetting systems use high pressure water-jets on revolving heads with various sized tips to clean the materials. They operate from 2,000 PSI to 22,000 PSI. The 3-D tool rotates horizontally and vertically to ensure a 360-degree cleaning occurs.

Tanker / Marine Services

Water blasting equipment provides fast and effective removal of deposits from cargo holds, top-side tanks, decks, hatch covers, ballast tanks and more (marine industry). Water blasting is the best method to prepare your surface for maintenance. hammering and pneumatic tools damage the steel profile and push salt further into the steel, while dry blasting creates a hazardous atmosphere/air quality, that can disrupt other activities and creates a large amount of waste material. Water blasting minimizes waste, does not disrupt other activities, and removes the salt and other residues from the surface, prolonging the lifespan of the coatings and leaving a cleaner finish.

Walco Industries Ltd can offer automation methods, fabricated to follow the whole contour of the ships hull. It has been found that high-pressure water blasting is much more effective than the old by-hand method with brushes and scrapers in removing the origin of biological spores or barnacles. The old cleaning methods didn’t get at the root of the problem and the growth quickly reappeared due to residual deposits or biological film.

Penstock Coating Removal (SSPC/NACE Standards)

Walco Industries Ltd has developed methods using both automation and tooling systems to create water jetting systems capable of cleaning to SSPC/NACE Standards. As standards can vary depending on the client’s needs, so too can our methods. We take great pride in being able to adapt to any situation.

Removing any coating and detritus from inside a penstock can be a challenging process; every location presents its own unique set of challenges ranging from lack of access, steep work areas, extreme temperature, confined spaces, and dangerous metals from the aged coatings. Walco Industries Ltd has become quite adept over the years at managing all the challenges that come with each unique penstock. Our professional team leaves nothing to chance when it comes to the first step in refurbishing your penstock!

We are one of few in North America to successfully complete a penstock cleaning, view our article on the News Page.

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