Industrial Vacuum Services


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Wet / Dry Vacuum Methods

Walco Industries Ltd is efficient in the ability to clean up and recover a full spectrum of materials, from solids and dry bulk powders to liquids, slurries and thick sludge’s. Our vacuum equipment can reach into hard to reach areas and cover large distances.

Walco maintains a specialized fleet of equipment to provide customers with various solutions to their needs, so jobs can be done efficiently and safely.

Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation equipment combines high-pressure water and air vacuum. This system cuts through the soils and breaks it up. The vacuum then lifts the slurry from the excavation area. The debris is transferred to a debris tank.

Hydro excavation is used for line, sign and pole installation and location. It is also used for potholing or daylighting. It allows for less congestion and traffic in the excavation area because the equipment can be positioned at a distance. Pipe and sewer rehabilitation is another application for hydro excavation. This method reduces risks for any damages to or punctures in the pipes. This eliminates the additional time and cost that repairs require. By using hydro excavation for landscaping, accurate excavation is done so the surrounding soil is not disturbed. The soil stays compact and strong while the necessary removal and is completed.

Hydro excavation brings a number of benefits to the industrial excavation world. It is now the most preferred method of digging because of its efficient and accurate results. The benefit of hydro excavation is that it provides for better damage and safety control when compared with mechanical methods. Since it is accurate, it limits accidents and injuries for labourers as well as other people. It also does a better job of digging.

For more information, visit our YouTube page for demonstrations or contact our office.

High-Rail Vacuum Systems

This type of vacuum truck is rail-ready, boom-equipped, that can both utilize the road and railway applications. This system uses the vacuum to remove materials from railroad track beds and provides the customer with easier access to inspect and repair rails, ties, ballast, and underlying sub-grade.

Hazardous Waste Hauling / Packaging

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