Hydrodemolition (2019)

CAMPBELL RIVER, BC. (12/12/2018) — Walco Industries Ltd. is pleased to announce that it will now be putting more focus on the hydro demolition market, specifically by making use of the specialized robotics developed at its research and training facility. This marks a new and exciting direction for Walco Industries Ltd. and is a natural segue from its other endeavours. Walco Industries Ltd. believes that hydro demolition is a natural direction for the company as it is a highly efficient way to update any ageing infrastructure. It is not just quicker but also cuts down on noise, dust and worker fatigue which allows for working in areas where noise is an issue and also where dust could be problematic. Traditional methods of surface preparation such as jack hammers have some issues such as creating micro fractures in the surface and also the documented effects on operators, such as fatigue and hand-arm vibration syndrome which are all eliminated with robotics. Hydro demolition also creates better concrete surface profiles to ensure that new concrete bonds at a higher strength.


Interested parties may contact Walco Industries Ltd. to discuss their project needs at (250) 286-3663, or by visiting their website at www.walcoindustries.ca 


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